A cycling fundraiser for the epik project & indigenous survivors of sex trafficking

Sept. 1 - 15, 2020

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3 easy steps to ride & raise funds

Sign up and ride where ever you live, invite your friends to join your team and together YOU can make a difference!
Ride My Road
For this campaign we are proud to partner with Ride My Road, a fundraising organization for anti human trafficking. Ride My Road and The Epik Project have been collaborating on events like The Hard Road since 2018 and are excited to invite you to fundraise with us!
* has provided three easy steps for riding to raise funds for The Hard Road campaign.

Sign up

Create your (free) fundraising account at thehardroad.funraise.org you can even start a team and invite your friends!

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Set your fundraising goal (ex. 10 miles = $100), determine a route near you, and ride your bicycle to make a difference!

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Raise Funds

Use the social media assets below and post updates by tagging @epik_project #epikthehardroad

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social media toolkit

Post the images below on your social media accounts to raise awareness and funds for your Hard Road campaign.

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Use captions to inform your audience about your specific ride and how it's connected to the Hard Road campaign. Here's a caption template:

I’m excited to be partnering with The Hard Road (Ride My Road) campaign to help raise money for The EPIK Project and Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative. I’ll be riding ____ miles in hopes of raising a $____ per mile donations. If you're interested in supporting my ride, find the donation link in my bio.

About the Hard Road

My name is Tom and I’m the founder of EPIK, a non-profit with the mission of disrupting and dismantling the sex trafficking industry. In the nine years since EPIK began, I’ve learned first hand from sex trafficking survivors that rebuilding their lives is an arduous journey. I’ve also learned that Indigenous women are 2 ½ times more likely to be subject to sexual violence than any other women in America, and that they face murder rates more than 10 times the national average. In light of these staggering statistics, I decided to do something to raise awareness around our most vulnerable population and to raise funds in support of their road to recovery. That’s why I created the Hard Road campaign in partnership with Ride My Road, an anti-human trafficking fundraising organization. I’ll be biking 1,000 miles from Washington to Montana, with the goal of raising $100,000 in support of EPIK and our partners at Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative, an Indigenous, survivor-led, social justice non-profit. Join me this September by donating, sharing the message, or riding along from your home. Together we can help make the hard road for survivors a little easier.

Partner Organizations

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The Epik Project is a national community of men committed to disrupting the dominant masculine narrative especially as it manifests itself in the demand that drives the commercial sex market. We believe that positive cultural change happens from the inside out. It means that in the process of disrupting the commercial sex market, we must also allow our unexamined and potentially toxic views of masculinity to be disrupted and embrace a better masculine narrative. Lasting change is defined by a large scale movement towards generative masculinity. www.epikproject.org

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Innovations Human Trafficking Collaboration Logo

Innovations Human Trafficking Collaboration is an Indigenous survivor-led social justice nonprofit based in Olympia, Washington. IHTC is action-focused on the mission of engaging first responders, tribes and other stakeholders in eliminating human trafficking through solution based knowledge and trauma informed strategies and to empower survivors to heal and build self- sufficient, affirming lives. Their goal is to ensure that the voices of those with lived experience of all forms of exploitation are elevated. www.innovationshtc.org

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Ride My Road Logo

Ride My Road is a nonprofit organization raising funds for anti-human trafficking within the motorcycle community. Through charity rides, motorcycle builds, events and photography we mobilize the biker community to support survivor led organizations. Although their tagline is “Ride Your Motorcycle - Make A Difference” they are excited for Tom Perez to show us all what can be done on a bicycle! That is why Ride My Road is the proud fundraising sponsor of The Hard Road. Join in by creating your own fundraiser at www.ridemyroad.org

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Sponsor Organizations

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor please email our campaign director, Lauren Trantham, for information on sponsorship options and a media kit:


Meet Tom

Founder of the epik project and the hard road

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