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A tribute physical challenge and fundraising event to honor the courage and strength of sex trafficking survivors

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About the challenge

Epik would not be what it is without the grace, inspiration, correction, and encouragement of the women who’ve spent years enduring the horrors of sex trafficking. Against their will, and often by means of cruel deception and violence, these women were forced to sell themselves for money. The trauma inflicted upon them was unimaginable and the road to recovery and flourishing has been long and difficult. Many have made it. Many are still on that road. At Epik, we feel compelled to show our respect for that difficult journey in a creative way. We call it The Hard Road Challenge.

The Hard Road started in 2020 as a tribute bicycle ride and fundraising event to honor the resilience of sex trafficking survivors. This event has grown into our annual, national fundraising effort, enlisting teams from around the country. During the first 2 weeks of August, each team defines their “Hard Road” - what kind of physical challenge they want to undertake - and then they go for it. We provide the fundraising platform and social media support.

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