Our Story

Started by Nikki Duke and in partnership with The Epik Project this campaign is so important for today’s world. Unfortunately, exploitation can begin at an early age when teens experience vulnerability. Oftentimes, friendship can be a first line of defense. Teaching our youth to understand the sighs of predatory behavior and helping to look out for each other will be a game changer.

Our Mission

  • Educate – Teaching teens how to identify the signs of trafficking in America.
  • Empower – Encouraging youth to respect and stand up for each other and letting them know they have the power to make a difference.
  • Support – Partnering with organizations like The Epik Project to actively dismantle exploitation.

How to get involved

  • Shop at our store – show the world what you stand for by wearing clothing that changes culture!
  • Host an event – we are always looking for ways to partner with communities. Together let’s make a difference!
  • Donate to The Epik Project – support the work of men fighting trafficking!
  • Share our message – tell your friends about us!