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My Friends Are Not For Sale™


My friends are being targeted, groomed, and exploited by people who see them as nothing more than products to be sold. My Friends Are Not For Sale™!

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Have you noticed recent changes in behavior from your friend? Are they showing any of the following signs:

Extreme fatigue or withdrawal

Social isolation

Difficulty in school

Signs of abuse, addiction, or hunger

Excessive absence from school

Excessive time spent texting with someone who isn't known to your friend group

New phone and/or other expensive things like clothes or jewelry

Older boyfriend or person in their life suddenly showering them with attention

These can be signs of exploitation and should not go unnoticed.


First, tell your friends that you’ve got their back. Let them know that you are here for them. They don’t have to trade their bodies for acceptance, money, or reputation.

Second, tell a trusted teacher, coach, or counselor about your concerns. Don't worry about getting your friend in trouble. It is better to be safe.

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Next Steps

Use your voice and influence to bring more education to your school. Tell your Student Body leadership that you want to raise awareness regarding sexual exploitation.

Send us an email, we can support you while you reach out to your Student Body and teachers.


Heritage wins DECA Competition

Send Heritage DECA to Orlando!

Let's support the Heritage High School DECA State Champions by raising funds to send them to Orlando to compete nationally!

This school year, Epik has been thrilled to partner with local youth to develop an effective student-led human trafficking prevention strategy and the Heritage DECA team knocked it out of the park!

Recently, our Heritage High School students won the Washington State DECA competition and qualified to compete at the DECA International Career Conference in Orlando on April 22-25th.

The team of Lexi Vo, Ashlynn Fredendall, and Hannah Parent created a Community Awareness Project for My Friends Are Not For Sale Human Trafficking Prevention. The students created a 20-page project plan and presented it for 15 minutes to a panel of judges, and they were awarded 1st Place! There were 4300 state competitors in many different events. 

This is so special! They worked hard, and they are prepared to take Orlando by storm!

Every dollar donated will help them to cover travel and accommodation expenses. Let’s help these students as they prevent human trafficking among their peers across the county. Your support of their work also supports the further development of what could become a National Epik Initiative to prevent human trafficking among young adults!