Epik volunteers serve in our front line disruption effort, Cyber Patrol

But that’s just the beginning. By joining this growing community of men, volunteers also have the opportunity to learn how to leverage their unique influence in order to change masculine culture for the better. By drawing on the best thinkers and leaders from across the anti-trafficking movement, Epik volunteers have the chance not only to learn about the issue, but also to be equipped to change the culture that perpetuates sex trafficking; starting with their own communities.

What is the time commitment for volunteers?

In order to become fluent in the nuances of commercial sexual exploitation in America and have an adequate opportunity to make an impact in your community, Epik asks for a minimum of a one-year commitment. This commitment includes an initial 8-hour training session, one monthly team gathering, continued leadership education, and a background check.

What is required to become a volunteer?

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